Alex Sadomov

Alexey Sadomov, 34,
Senior Consultant PhD, MCTS, MVP

My working principle is continuous self-improvement in any engineering area, which I work with. Business value which I add to the company each day is a main performance indicator for me. There are always new horizons available for professional growth, and they are far away from you, whatever technology you are using. This is what I like in NED – we have all conditions to realize our professional ambitions, while working over complex engineering problems.

Beside my job in NED I like to take part in .Net community life as a speaker on community meetings or by sharing knowledge with developers all over the world in my blog. Recently, I and my friend and colleague from NED Vladimir Timashkov, released Camlex.NET open source project to help SharePoint developers increase their productivity.

On my free time I like sports, and the company actively supports me with this passion.

Read my technical blog here.