NED Software Consulting Oy is a successor of a company called New Era Development that was founded in February 2001 in Joensuu, Finland, by the present management of the company. In the middle of the IT boom we have decided to use our knowledge of the Russian IT market and Russian business in general in order to supply Finnish software companies with highly qualified human resources from Russia. In the beginning of our way we have built and maintained a web-based database of russian programmers looking for employment in Finland. We have completed then several recruitment processes to Finnish companies. Due to the further development of IT industry accompanied with layouts, cost savings and following reduction of demand for personnel we have stopped recruiting activities and fully concentrated on near-shore software subcontracting.

However, after studying customer projects experience and analysing real demands on the customer side, it has been decided in 2005 to change service model in order to be able to provide more value added for the customer. So, first, we have started to recruite consultants in Finland, and second, instead of buying resources from subcontractors we have established our own subsidiary in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We wanted to emphasize the importance of that change by changing the name of the company and shaping the ownership. However, in order to keep the track and build on existing basis we kept first letters of New Era Development in our new name.

Nowadays NED continues to be privatly owned company managed by seasoned IT professionals and making profitable business both in Finland and in Russia.