Resourcing model

Our resourcing model offers a number of critical advantages for customers, especially compared to off-shore subcontructing.

We are flexible and committed partner, which means that we tailor our solutions for each customer's specific needs. Depending on a specific situation we use three different process models called Minimum Cost, Maximum Performance, and Optimum. Among those we prefer Optimum, a model that results from many years of customer projects experience and valuable feedback.


Briefly described, we build our cooperation with customers around a highly skilled professional in a certain area of competence. We call this person a Key Expert. This key expert is being situated inside customer's project team and integrated in customer's processes. Around this Core Team we build a Competence Team consisting of personnel of our team in Saint-Petersburg. Size of this team can vary depending on specific needs of the project. If there's a need for additional resources and a significant cost pressure exists, we offer developer resources from outside Saint Petersburg at a considerably lower cost. We call this option Cost & Scale Layer.

It is obvious that our Key Expert who works on-site in customer's premices becomes a crucial resource for functionality of service. Key expert has a number of important responsibilities and tasks in order to enable seamless performance of described model. His responsibilities towards both customer and a development team are described below.

Tasks towards customer Tasks towards development team
  • development and architecture design
  • knowledge transfer and mentoring
  • process audit and implementation of best practices
  • communication with customer's project team
  • requirements analysis and definition
  • project planning
  • coordinating outsourced team activities
  • performance monitoring, reporting and quality assurance
  • documentation
  • project management
  • tasks distribution
  • code review
    In fact, allocation of Key Expert into customer's organisation is not a must. In some cases it is possible to use services of Key Expert on part-time basis. In that case his role changes more towards a Project Manager and his contribution can be as small as few days a month. Typically this model is applicable when tasks are well specified and there's no need for everyday face-to-face communication with customer's own personnel. Using that model helps our customers keep their costs as low as possible. 
    This model is an ideal choice when there's a need for strong on-site contribution from a team of experienced senior level consultants. That way our customers can achieve maximum efficiency at higher, but still very reasonable cost level.