Support model

Have you ever thought of cost-efficiency of maintenance and support for your SharePoint portal? Do you feel like support of your current applications is not done in a most effective way? Not surprising at all, since best specialists are always involved in development projects, and even those often lack appropriate expertise. So support is usually provided by lowest level developers. In contrast, NED has strong experience in running cost-effective near-shore MOSS support team consisting of highly skilled consultants capable of providing expert level knowledge in a very cost-effective way. So why don’t you maintain and further develop your portal functionality by using NED’s support services! No matter, whether it’s our own code or code of external service provider, we are able to perform its maintenance with quality and high efficiency.

Note! 89 % of respondents evaluate NED’s support services with 8 or 9 marks according to 1-9 scale

Source of data: Customer Satisfaction Survey by Microsoft, December 2009