Collaboration Solutions

Being a proven SharePoint expert, NED has strong hands on experience with building collaboration solutions based on MOSS. Although SharePoint itself provides excellent platform for efficient collaboration, we have started to develop SharePoint based collaboration tools for specific needs of companies and organizations.

Introducing collaboration into strategic projects

ShareProject is NED’s own collaborative project management tool. It’s designed for communication within the team working on a project that has less defined scope. Typical example of such a project is any strategic development initiative that neither has exact scope, nor defined time schedule and budget. It’s a project that typically involves managers from different business units and often facilitated by external business consultant. There’s no use for traditional project management software in such a case. Collaboration tools are needed instead in order to provide team with a flexible workspace that supports specific needs.

ShareProject is based on Microsoft SharePoint and is either deployed as add-on for customer’s own portal or provided on SaaS model . It includes standard SharePoint functionality such as wiki, blogs, forum, event calendar, document library, contacts, etc. In addition, it provides a customized view on latest activities, which enables a quick overview of the project. Finally, an information dashboard that gathers brief information from all ongoing initiatives is available for top management.
Get more out of your SharePoint portal and make your strategic work truly collaborative!