Data and platform migrations

Nowadays organizations more and more often choose SharePoint as a consolidated enterprise platform that serves not only content management and publication purposes, but also document management needs.

For many organizations the decision towards SharePoint requires migration from the existing document management system. This again leads to migration of large document storages. Technical challenges related to this process are described in more detail in this publication: Migrating volume data to SharePoint.

Here we describe some practical cases of cross-platform migrations delivered by NED.

Case 1. Documentum to SharePoint migration.

Introduction: large multinational telecom vendor has sold one of its subsidiaries to a third party vendor and proposed to discontinue maintenance of EMC's Documentum based document storages that support business processes of former subsidiary in 2 months. After certain challenges to find qualified maintenance specialists acquainted with Documentum the company made a decision to migrate to SharePoint 2010.

Objective: to migrate relatively large volume of business critical documentation with multiple versions, structured metadata fields etc. from folders and workspaces of Documentum into SharePoint 2010.

Scale: ~200 GB of data

Case 2. Lotus Notes to SharePoint migration.

Introduction: customer has purchased a small industrial business that had document management system based on Lotus Notes and planned to unify document management processes with existing system used by the customer.

Objective: to relocate moderate volume of R&D documentation stored in Lotus Notes gradually into existing portal of SharePoint 2010.

Scale: ~70 GB of data in 4 iterations 

Case 3. Hummingbird to SharePoint migration.

Introduction: large state owned company had a legacy DM system based on Hummingbird. Life time of this application was approaching to the end. The system worked for many years on the obsolete servers and physically could not be transferred to the modern hardware. Also many standard modern DM features invented after 1998 were unavailable on the Hummingbird (taxonomy, search refinement etc.).

Objective: to migrate extremely large volume of classified documentation from SQL databases and file system of DM Hummingbird 98 into SharePoint 2010.

Scale: ~750 GB of data in several time separated iterations